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If you just learned your pet is diabetic or even if
you have already been treating your pet with insulin,
we have good news for you. . .

diabetic cat and owner pictureThe good news is that you can
now treat your diabetic companion animal WITHOUT NEEDLES!

Zoë is a pain-free, needle-free insulin jet that eliminates uncomfortable injections allowing you to provide a good quality of life for your diabetic companion animal. Even more, it’s convenient and easy to use, eliminating the anxieties that are common with needles.

Zoë is safe and effective.
Zoë injects insulin through the skin and into your pet without a needle. This eliminates the danger of accidental needle sticks during daily injections. Plus, measuring and injecting the correct dosage of insulin is easy, which is important when it comes to managing your pet's diabetes. Zoë is clinically proven to be more accurate than the needle and syringe.

Zoë makes treating your pet’s diabetes easy. 
The jet is loaded quickly and without hassle. The built-in mechanism measures precise dosages every time.  Because it is so easy, family members, pet sitters and other caregivers can inject your pet as easily as you!

diabetic dog pictureYour pet will love Zoë because it is pain-free. 
This means you’ll be able to inject your pet with little or no adverse reaction or fear. Zoë’s jet injection technology is recognized by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device.  It has been used to effectively treat and manage diabetes in humans of all ages for over 20 years, and it will help you manage your pet’s diabetes safely, easily and painlessly.




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